dr_haynes_pose_small copyAn architect of social justice for black professionals in the health sciences, Dr. M. Alfred Haynes served as president emeritus at CDU and worked tirelessly to reduce cancer mortality in the African American community.

Dr. Haynes, one of the first black faculty members at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, played an important role in a national study titled “Hunger U.S.A.,” while helping to establish racial integration policies for that university. Dr. Haynes became an early faculty member and associate dean at CDU, where he later served as dean. Dr. Haynes has made an impact on patients and on other medical professionals, beginning with his days as a medical officer with the U.S. Public Health Service. As a member of the Institute of Medicine, Dr. Haynes co-authored The Unequal Burden of Cancer: An Assessment of NIH Research and Programs for Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved , published in 1999. Today, CDU grants scholarships in his name to honor academic excellence and offer financial relief.

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