West Coast Get Down

West Coast Get Down

The West Coast Get Down (WCGD) are a collaborative group of musicians all born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

This collective of young musicians are largely being credited with reviving jazz and jazz fusion, making L.A. the focal point for what many consider to be a renaissance for the genre’s mass appeal.  Apart, they are some of the most sought-after musicians working today, performing, touring and recording with artists such as Kendrick Lamar (on his landmark album To Pimp A Butterfly), Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Stanley Clarke, Prince, Rihanna, Babyface and Korn, which is only just scratching the surface of their reach. Collectively, they’ve been called the Wu-Tang Clan of jazz, a fitting comparison, considering the West Coast Get Downs’ prolific creative output and influence.

Members of the crew include Kamasi Washington, Miles Mosley, Tony Austin, Cameron Graves, Ryan Porter, Ronald Bruner, and Brandon Coleman. Stephen Bruner, a.k.a. Thundercat, is also associated with the group, although more as an outlier, as are other musicians, including Terrace Martin, Howard Wiley, Christopher Gray, and Patrice Quinn. They have known each other since high school, some even earlier, and have honed their unique blend of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop like no other collective in many years.

When the WCGD headed into the studio in December 2011, they had no idea that they would become what is now a global phenomenon.    From those ‘KSL studio sessions’, 170 songs were recorded in 30 days, resulting in ground- breaking albums including Kamasi Washington’s ‘The Epic’; Miles Mosley’s ‘UPRISING’, Ronald Bruner’s ‘Triumph’, Cameron Graves ‘Planetary Prince’, along with yet-to-be-released albums from Ryan Porter, Brandon Coleman, and
BFI’, a duo project consisting of Miles Mosley and WCGD engineer/drummer/producer Tony Austin.

The first album to be released from those sessions was Washington’s The Epic, garnering international critical acclaim. Going gold in multiple countries, “The Epic” debuted #1 on several iTunes Jazz charts, including the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, and the UK, followed by sold out live shows in venues worldwide.  Washington received an NAACP nomination and made the ‘best of’ lists in multiple publications including the NY Times and the Washington  Post.    Mosley’s  ‘UPRISING’  reached  #4  on  the  Billboard  Contemporary  Jazz  Chart,  #10  on  the Billboard album charts, #2 on the ITunes Jazz Album chart; and premiered as one of Entertainment Weekly’s “13 New Releases To Hear Now”.   Mosley and his album release concert was featured on EXTRA (NBC), and his single‘Abraham’ was named one of NPR’s top songs of 2016.   Both Mosley and Cameron Graves were each named one of ‘Rolling Stones Top 10 New Artists You Should Hear Now’ in the US, Italy, France, Australia and Russia. Drummer  Ronald  Bruner  is  a  Grammy-Award  winner;  Brandon  Coleman  is  a  highly  sought-after keytar/keyboardist; and trombonist, Ryan Porter, is one of the most recorded trombonists in the music industry, and has been featured on numerous film soundtracks and TV shows.  The next album to be released from the KSL sessions will be Porters’ “Spangle Lang Lane” in September 2017.

Together the West Coast Get Down have put Los Angeles on the map as the thriving new music scene, and are selling out venues around the globe with their innovative musicianship and exciting live performances!

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