NEXT Media Kit

Since disrupting the musical landscape of R&B in the late 90’s and well into the new millennium with a string of Billboard charting hits including a pair of #1 singles, as well as delivering a multiĀ­platinum debut album Rated Next, Next has solidified their place in music history. Although the trio disbanded several years ago, R.L., along with brothers Terry Brown and Raphael Brown have recently reunited and returned to making music full-time. They collectively agreed that no one wins when the family feuds. As a result, their stage moniker has taken on a whole new meaning; they’ve put the past behind them and are anticipating what’s next.
Next formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota as three aspiring singers who connected through their gospel roots, eventually emerging as one of the most talented R&B units in recent years. The list of classics recorded by the threesome during their most fruitful period includes “Too Close,” “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” “Anything” and “I Still Love You.”

The accomplished balladeers will continue to bring their loyal following, as well as new supportĀ­ers, sweet yet streetwise lyrics and polished, soulful harmonies with a hint of hip-hop. As the architects of high- quality cinematic story-songs steeped in rich melodies, Next will continue to set trends with their quotable vernacular and ability to adapt to the changeable R&B scene in an authentic way. While their story is still being written, it should be noted that the mature men ultimately chose the unbreakable bond of brotherhood over the bureaucracy of show business. Locked and loaded with introspective, danceable and conversational hit records in the vault, the smooth silkiness and modern stylings of Next is back.